Edis is a manufacturing industry, expert in the production of made-to-order sticker collections, trading cards, collectibles and in-pack premiums for the publishers, the  marketing and loyalty agencies worldwide, mass retailers and the FMCG industry.

Edis’ products find their way to kiosks and newsstands, toys shops, mass retailers, petrol stations, and FMCG industry in-pack promotions (salty snacks, cereals, biscuits, ice creams, fresh and frozen food, etc.). Edis manages the whole production cycle, from the design to the delivery and develops new ideas and innovative products. The main strenghts are competitive prices, great know how, guaranteed quality, timely delivery and big production capacity.

The group is controlled by a holding company – FINCART srl – whose subsidiaries are three manufacturing companies: EDIS in Italy (HQ), EDIS Napoca in Romania.



“Our mission is to be the premier reference for anyone that needs to produce or market packaged collectible and promotional products. As a team and as an organisation we aim to deliver innovative, flexible and efficient solutions guaranteeing the highest possible production capacity. We work closely together with our customers to guarantee, to all end-users both children and adults, the safety and quality of our products. We are strongly committed to credibility, respect and integrity and will strive to develop long-lasting relationships with all of our collaborating partners.”



The quality of EDIS’ products and services is the result of the competence of our team in every company areas.



approved supplier.

EDIS is qualified supplier and comply with the rules of many market reference consumer goods brands:

  • Lego – audit SGS
  • Kellog's – audit UL
  • Disney – Code of conduct
  • McDonald's – audit UL, Intertek
  • Toys'R'Us – Code of conduct
  • Danone – Contract specification
  • HASBRO – audit Intertek
  • San Carlo - Contract specification
  • World Soccer Championship – audit STR
  • Weetabix – audit STR
  • Barilla – audit Bureau Veritas
  • Walkers - Contract specification
  • Frito Lay – audit STR